Live Stream Concert

OCTOBER 28, 2020

Host City: Columbus, OH (everyone welcome!)

You choose the set list! Vote on songs in real time throughout the night. Want the band to play Come To The Table? Or maybe The Words I Would Say or Smile? How about all three—and more! Your active involvement directs what happens during the show.

  • Get a Household Ticket and everyone in your home can enjoy the HD virtual tour experience for one low price.
  • Or go VIP and your entire household will gain access to our exclusive VIP preshow party including live games and Q&A with the band—plus you'll get a limited edition VIP tour poster.

Your ticket to this unique tour experience includes:

  • Access to our High Definition Live Stream Concert*
  • Access to re-watch the concert for 48 hours
  • Stream concert on devices including laptops, cell phones, tablets, and select Smart TVs
  • Actively play a part in the show by voting in real time on the band's set list
  • Just one ticket needed for your entire household!
  • Large group (20+) tickets available
  • VIP ticket option available giving you access to the exclusive VIP preshow party and a limited edition VIP tour poster

*The quality of your video feed is largely dependent on the speed of your internet service provider.


What is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is our way of bringing a concert to your town through the live stream format. But is is also so much more than that.

What is the virtual VIP pre-show party?

VIP ticket holders will have access to our fan favorite "VIP Pre-show Party". Hang out the the band (virtually), partake in a Q/A, play games, and have the most fun ever.


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