Live Stream Concert

OCTOBER 29, 2020

Host City Winston Salem, NC (everyone welcome!)

You choose the set list! Vote on songs in real time throughout the night. Want the band to play Come To The Table? Or maybe The Words I Would Say or Smile? How about all three—and more! Your active involvement directs what happens during the show.

  • Get a Household Ticket and everyone in your home can enjoy the HD virtual tour experience for one low price.
  • Or go VIP and your entire household will gain access to our exclusive VIP preshow party including live games and Q&A with the band—plus you'll get a limited edition VIP tour poster.

Your ticket to this unique tour experience includes:

  • Access to our High Definition Live Stream Concert*
  • Access to re-watch the concert for 48 hours
  • Stream concert on devices including laptops, cell phones, tablets, and select Smart TVs
  • Actively play a part in the show by voting in real time on the band's set list
  • Just one ticket needed for your entire household!
  • Large group (20+) tickets available
  • VIP ticket option available giving you access to the exclusive VIP preshow party and a limited edition VIP tour poster

*The quality of your video feed is largely dependent on the speed of your internet service provider.


What is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is our way of bringing a concert to your town through the live stream format. But is is also so much more than that.

What is the virtual VIP pre-show party?

VIP ticket holders will have access to our fan favorite "VIP Pre-show Party". Hang out the the band (virtually), partake in a Q/A, play games, and have the most fun ever.


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