ENCORE PERFORMANCE DEC. 20th 8pm/7pm Central

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A Word from our Sponsor

Family changes everything. At Bethany Christian Services, that’s more than a phrase—it’s what motivates us every day to serve vulnerable kids and families in our communities and around the world.

Around the world, poverty—particularly when paired with disease or violence—disrupts families. We believe that the solution to the global orphan crisis is family-based care—not orphanages and institutions. Positive change happens when we bring and keep families together.

Together, we can change the world through family.


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*The quality of your video feed is largely dependent on the speed of your internet service provider.


What Makes Our Live Streams So Special?

Our team works hard to create a very personal live stream experience.  Our events are NOT pre-recorded.  Each show happens live, and each night is different from the next. This also means you get an authentic real time experience.

We actively work on creative ways that we can involve the audience in the shows.  Some examples of this might be: conferencing fans into the live stream, letting fans vote on what happens during the show in real time, sending special surprises or gifts to fans, and more.

This isn't just a band in their living room on a single microphone.  These are highly produced, high definition concerts, with superb audio quality!

*Please note that the quality of the live stream can vary based on your internet service speed.  We will do everything on our end to make sure we're sending out the highest quality product available.  If the quality of the show is important to you, please be sure you have the best internet connection possible.

Tell Me About Free Tickets / Pay What You Can System

We want to make these live stream concerts as affordable as possible.  That is why we've created the "Pay What You Can System".  This system allows you to pay what you can afford to watch a show.  We do offer a free option, and are happy to do so.  Please keep in mind, that if you can afford to purchase a ticket, you should do so.  Putting on these shows costs our team lots of time, and money- and we depend on paid ticket sales, merchandise sales, and donations to keep our team provided for.

How Do I Watch The Live Stream?

Once you have registered for tickets, you will be redirected to the official streaming page.  Bookmark that page, and set yourself a phone reminder of the date/time for your live stream concert.  We'll also send out a series of e-mail reminders prior to the show.  Be sure to check your junk email folder if you are within 48 hours of your show time, and have not seen an email update.

I Don't Live In The USA, Can I Still Be A Part Of A Concert?

Yes, in most cases (as long as your country supports Vimeo/Livestream) We can get you access to one of our shows.  Please email events@greatbigfamilyproductions.com if you'd like to be a part!



What Devices Can I Watch This Live Stream On?

Currently the live streams can be viewed on: Laptops, Cell Phones, Tablets, and select Smart TVs.  For Smart TVs, the most effective way to watch the show is a "mirroring" from another device. 

For "The Chosen Tour" you will be able to vote on the set list in real time.  Voting requires that you are logged onto a laptop, tablet, or cell phone and are logged into the chat box (make sure that you've clicked the "toggle chat on/off" button to the "on" setting. 


About Great Big Family Studios / Virtual Touring

Since May of 2020, we've been creating unique virtual tour experiences.  Recently, we began moving in to our own studio just south of Nashville, TN.  This studio is aptly named "Great Big Family Studios".  This location, is fully customized to deliver high definition video/audio content around the globe. 

All virtual tour dates are broadcast live from the Great Big Family Studios, and then broadcast to specific cities, or regions.  Choose the region that works best for you, and check out a show!

Our team is a very small team, that are passionate about faith, people, and experiences. 

How Can I Support Sidewalk Prophets?

Thank you for your interest in supporting Sidewalk Prophets.  Below are a list of ways you can help support the band:

I Have A Question That Isn't Listed.

Please email events@greatbigfamilyproductions.com We will get you an answer as quickly as possible.