Kansas City, MO
July 23, 2020

Pay what you want virtual tour tickets!
Free option available.

Click the button below to see if you live in an area that is eligible for tickets.  If you are outside the viewing area, you will have an opportunity to purchase a live stream pass.

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A virtual tour is our way of bringing a concert to your town through the live stream format. But it is also so much more than that!

A virtual tour is our way of bringing a concert to your town through the live stream format. But it is also so much more than that!

We created this virtual tour model, so that we could continue to have a direct connection with the local communities that we typically tour in. The virtual tour will NOT be coming to the cities listed physically but we will be coming there virtually (through live stream), and in spirit.

We will be using Vimeo and Zoom for this event. The Concert will be held on Vimeo and the Virtual Lobby and VIP experience will be on Zoom.

Anything that is compatible with Vimeo and Zoom can be used for this event. Please view their websites for more information. Vimeo.com and Zoom.us

Tickets for the tour are available through our ticket vendor "Eventbrite". Before you can get your tickets, you will need to register through our radius verification system.

3D Glasses are NOT required to enjoy this event but if you want to get the full experience, we suggest you get some glasses.

The glasses needed to view the content for this show are the "traditional" 3D glasses that have one eye red and one eye blue.  Other types of 3D glasses will not work properly for this show.  (photo below),

You can purchase glasses as an add-on when you place your ticket order. All you have to do is scroll down when you are in the ticket purchasing window until you see "add-ons" You'll find all glasses options there. Additionally, you can buy 3D glasses from our on-line store.

One major difference between this tour, and other live stream events is that we have created a system that allows only those people within a certain radius of each city we are "virtually" playing in to have access to the tickets. The reason for this is so that we can have a focused connection with each town we play in.

The radius verification system allows us to verify that the person receiving access to tickets, lives within the given radius for that particular tour date. The verification process is very quick and easy. The user simply fills out an on-line form with their name, email address, and the zip code they live in. Once the user hits submit on the form, the user will receive an email letting them know if they are within the permitted radius for the show or not. If the user is within the correct radius, the email will provide them with a ticketing link, and a ticket access code.

For those who are outside of the approved radius for a show, we offer both "single concert out of radius passes", and well as "season out of radius passes" that give you access to all of our live stream tour events within a calendar year.

Each family/household only needs one ticket for their whole residence to enjoy the stream! If you will be streaming in different homes, each home will need its own link.

You will have access to replay your event for 48 hours after the scheduled tour date. Please note that any unauthorized recording of the video/audio during our live stream performances is illegal, and any violators will be held accountable by all applicable local, federal laws.

VIP ticket holders will have access to our fan favorite "VIP Pre-show Party". Hang out with the band (virtually), partake in a Q/A, play games, and have the most fun ever.

The VIP preshow will begin promptly at 5:30pm (your time). It will end at approximately 6pm.

Ticket holders will be given a special link, and can hang out before the show in our virtual lobby, where you'll be able to purchase exclusive tour merchandise, and interact with our crew in the process.

The lobby will open at approximately 6pm ( your time) and close 5 minutes before the show begins. It will open back up after the show for 45 mins.

We are always looking for people to jump in and serve alongside us. We have many places to volunteer/serve. Please email roadcrew@greatbigfamilyproductions.com
for more information.

We love partnering with local businesses and ministries in the areas we are playing. Please email sponsors@greatbigfamilyproductions.com for more information about sponsoring.

The truth is, we can’t do these virtual events for free. That is why we encourage you to support the tour by purchasing VIP tickets, merchandise, and most importantly donating. Even the smallest donation amounts add up and enables us to keep delivering high level, Christ centered events for everyone.

YES! There are a few ways that you can support our team.

Donations/Tip Jar: Each night you will be provided the opportunity to donate to our virtual tip jar.

Volunteer: Our goal is to keep concerts affordable and to go wherever God calls us. That means we need help getting the word out to your city about the show. If you’d like to volunteer please email roadcrew@greatbigfamilyproductions.com

Prayer: We appreciate your prayers, and ask specifically that you pray for the emotional, spiritual,and physical wellbeing of our staff, band and crew.

We would love to hear from you. Please email Suggestions@greatbigfamilyproductions.com.


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